Parent Training Programmes: support your people and their families

Tougher Minds works with businesses to help them support and engage with their employees who are parents or guardians. We deliver bespoke, in-house parent training programmes and events for businesses.

Further, we will inform businesses when our external parent training courses are available, so they can make interested employees aware.

Many companies pay for, or subsidise, the course fees for their employees. Contact us to obtain further details and find out when our programmes are running.

Boost engagement, retention, wellbeing and performance.


Feedback from parents who have experienced Tougher Minds programmes shows they not only learn how to help their children, but also learn how to improve their own professional performance:

“I came to do the programme to support my son with his studies but also felt there was potential benefit to use these skills in a personal and work context.” – Senior Manager, financial services, parent of  Year 12 pupil.

“The concepts, the processes and the techniques were very practical for my wife and I. It was applied knowledge with real things that actually made a difference.” – Head of Change, Telecoms industry, parent of Year 10 pupil.

These courses allow parents to understand the teenage brain, and how to boost health, happiness and success for all the family. We help parents with the following challenges:

  • Entrance and 11 plus exams.
  • Prep-to-senior school transitions.
  • Preparing for GCSE exam success.
  • Maximise A level performance.
  • Preparing for university interviews and entrance exams – including to Oxbridge and competitive areas such as medicine and law.

We teach parents and families simple and practical skills to boost health, happiness and performance. We focus our training on these core areas:

  • Beat your A.P.E. Brain & use Willpower to build new habits – improve health, happiness & performance.
  • Boost Brain Power – learn more, reduce stress & get more done every day.
  • Improve Motivation – fire up your inner drive to feel & perform better.
  • Focus Concentration – beat distractions, reduce procrastination and be more effective.
  • Supercharge Learning – learn more with less effort & make exams easier.
  • Control Confidence – beat your A.P.E. Brain, to reduce stress and take control.