Business: support your people and their families

Tougher Minds works with businesses of all types to tailor our practical, engaging and enjoyable Resilience training to make it a key part of employee engagement, development and reward programmes.

Boost engagement, retention, wellbeing and performance.

The training allows parents to offer additional support to their children, in their studies and in their lives outside the classroom. It can boost academic performance across all subjects, and extracurricular achievement.

The training also helps parents to improve their own performance and wellbeing in life and work.

Our Resilience training is based on the same programme that recently won Education Initiative of the Year.

Tougher Minds can work with businesses to offer both large one-off training events, and small six week training programmes for employees:

Bite-size training events for all staff

Tougher Minds stage bite-size training events for parents within your business and their children. They focus on the following themes:

  • Entrance and 11 plus exams.
  • Prep-to-senior school transitions.
  • Preparing for GCSE exam success.
  • Maximise A level performance.
  • Preparing for university interviews and entrance exams – including to Oxbridge and competitive areas such as medicine and law.

In-depth training courses for smaller groups of staff

Tougher Minds can offer parents six week training courses. These are staged at times to suit busy work schedules. Here is an overview of a typical six week programme:

* An introduction to your brain
* How to boost Motivation
* How to focus Concentration
* How to supercharge Learning
* How to take control of Confidence
* Planning for the future

Download the Tougher Minds brochure below:

Click on the image above to download our brochure.

Click on the image above to download our brochure.