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Our methods have been proven to dramatically improve all aspects of school work including learning, homework, concentration, behaviour, exam performance and extra curricular sport.
Tougher Minds and Colfe's wins the ISA Education Initiative of the Year 2014.

Tougher Minds and Colfe’s was awarded the ISA Education Initiative of the Year 2014 for PBM programme.

One of our current client schools, which is fee­paying, has reported that 50% of its new entrants were attracted because Tougher Minds training was available to pupils and parents.

Tougher Minds has worked with schools in the public and private sector. The training is suitable for all ages and year groups, including GCSE and A’ Level students.

Click on this image to download our education brochure.

Click on this image to download our education brochure.

A group of pupils we recently worked with showed an average improvement of three­quarters of a grade per subject, which equates to moving from A to A* . It was an improvement of almost 75 per cent above their mock exams and 50 per cent higher than those who did not complete our training programme.

We also work with Teach First ­ to prepare their candidates prior to placements, and support them as they work as teachers in challenging state schools. Our work with Teach First helps their teachers to support and develop pupils.

The way in which Tougher Minds also involves parents and teachers allows them to derive great personal and professional benefits.

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