Bespoke resilience programmes (schools)

The programmes teach simple and practical skills, helping your pupils, teachers and parents to build new beneficial habits that boost personal and collective resilience. Contact us and we will help you to develop a bespoke resilience programme for your school.

“Tougher Minds empowers children to take charge of their own lives.” – Headteacher

“It breeds a culture where children want to think about their methods of learning and how they’re going to engage with their teachers and the subject matter and being ready and warmed up to learn.” – Parent of Year 8 pupils

“Without Tougher Minds, I don’t think I would have achieved the grades I did. I went from Bs and Cs in mocks to six A stars.” – Year 12 pupil

    Our bespoke resilience programmes support pupils, teachers and parents. They can focus on the following themes:

  • Beat your A.P.E. Brain & use Willpower to build new habits – improve health, happiness & performance.
  • Boost Brain Power – learn more, reduce stress & get more done every day.
  • Improve Motivation – fire up your inner drive to feel & perform better.
  • Focus Concentration – beat distractions, reduce procrastination and be more effective.
  • Supercharge Learning – learn more with less effort & make exams easier.
  • Control Confidence – beat your A.P.E. Brain, to reduce stress and take control