Tougher Minds can work with schools to provide a range of training to support INSET programmes.

“It’s significantly improved GCSE results. It’s the best thing I’ve seen to boost learning by some distance.” – Head of Department

“I found a lot in there to help my own teaching practice as well as teaching the kids to help their learning. Understanding the evidence base for Tougher Minds gives you great confidence in it.” – Newly qualified teacher

“You tend to think of retaining information and exam performance as a magic science that some teachers have and some don’t but it’s really reassuring to know that there’s a lot you can do about it. You can form good habits and you can help students develop self-control.” – Senior teacher

Our Staff INSET programmes can focus on the following themes:

  • Help pupils to learn more in class with our ExPANDS lesson plan.
  • Use neuroscience to train pupils how to concentrate in lessons.
  • How to help pupils build new habits to increase health, happiness and academic results using our Resilience R.A.F.T. model.
  • Improved staff morale and ‘team spirit’.

Teachers can qualify for a “Certificate in Tougher Minds Teaching”.