Bespoke resilience programmes (Uni)

The programmes teach simple and practical skills, helping students and staff to build new beneficial habits, resilience that will increase engagement and wellbeing. Contact us and we will help you to develop a bespoke resilience programme for your University or College.

“It’s very engaging and very easy to understand. The training helps you remain motivated and shows how you can improve personally and help others.” Teaching Fellow, University Business School.

“Tougher Minds provided a very thought provoking programme, illustrating a series of practical, personal skills to improve work performance and output. Their programme is grounded with recent relevant research.” – Senior University Lecturer.

Our bespoke resilience programmes can focus on the following themes:

  • Beat your A.P.E. Brain and use Willpower to build new habits – improve health, happiness and performance.
  • Boost Brain Power – be smarter, reduce stress & get more done every day.
  • Improve Motivation – fire up your inner drive to feel & perform better.
  • Focus Concentration – beat distractions, reduce procrastination and be more effective.
  • Supercharge Learning – learn new skills faster & make passing exams easier.
  • Control Confidence – beat your A.P.E. Brain, to reduce stress and take control.
  • World Class Leadership – become a transformational leader and transform your team.