Dr. Jon Finn, Founder and MD, explains Tougher Minds mission in two minutes.

“The Tougher Minds approach helps me get the most out of my working day.”

Senior Sales Executive, Multinational Company.


We live and work in a world that is challenging, volatile and unpredictable. It is increasingly difficult to feel well and be at our best.

We founded Tougher Minds to help people to be healthier, happier and at their best more often. Our award-winning, practical and highly engaging training helps everybody improve resilience, well-being, personal and team performance.

It is for all aspects of work, education and life.

We help our clients to achieve:
Improved performance
– Increased productivity
– Greater well-being
– Enhanced resilience
– Increased innovation
– Reduced stress
– Improved morale
– Improved employee retention
– Increased employee engagement
– Improved leadership development
– Better performance under pressure
– Create ‘Team Power’ in their organisations

well-being, performance and learning resources

Team Power:
everyone at their best

resilience skills

and revision tips

Resilience Workshop

Do you want to empower your people to be at their best more often?

Book our new two hour workshop: ‘Boost Well-Being, Resilience and Productivity’. It shows proven, powerful techniques for improving your team’s health, happiness and performance.

Our award-winning training has been described as life changing. All programmes are bespoke for each client.

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Me Power Coaching

Do you want to be at your best more often, experience greater well-being and perform to your potential?

Book a one-to-one coaching session and learn simple and practical skills, so you can excel and achieve your personal and professional goals.

Our award-winning training has been described as life changing. All programmes are bespoke for each client.

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“They make complex science simple and practical so that our people, individually and collectively, can boost their well-being and performance.”

Managing Director of a global technology company

Bespoke Tougher Minds Workshops

Our bespoke workshops will help your people to make small changes and boost health, happiness and performance.

– Boost Motivation
– Build Better Habits
– Boost Productivity and Creativity
– Reduce Stress and Build Confidence
– Develop Transformational Leaders

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Our products empower individuals, families and organisations to flourish

Team Power Leadership Coaching programme

Exam Success

Tougher Minds Keynote


One-to-one & small group coaching

Online Training Programmes

Bespoke Resilience and Change Programmes


For Business

Our clients are often under pressure to change, innovate, grow, and do more with less. So we have created business products to help them engage their people, empower them to develop and support each other to be their best. We help our clients to achieve: improved performance; increased productivity; greater well-being; enhanced resilience; increased innovation; reduced stress; improved morale; improved employee retention; increased employee engagement; improved leadership development; better performance under pressure. We help our clients to create Team Power®.
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For Education

Our Education programmes improve pupil/student recruitment, learning, grades, independent study, concentration, classroom behaviour, exam performance and extracurricular activities. They provide support for pupils/students, teachers/lecturers and parents.
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For Families

Our Family Resilience programmes equip parents and children with simple and practical skills to be their best. They also help parents improve their own performance and well-being in life and work.
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What people say

“I got the most out of myself and my young squad. We won the League!”

– Premier League Football Manager

“It improved my ability to inspire others, and my leadership on and off the field.”

– Former England Rugby League Captain, and treble-winner with both Bradford Bulls and Leeds Rhinos
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Case Studies

“What made it really good was the way they modelled good teaching practice. They made it fast paced and engaging, it couldn’t have been much better!”

— Teach First Impact Conference

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