Improve your child’s health, happiness and performance – Tougher Minds launches new training programme for parents.

Tougher Minds has launched its new training programme, specifically for parents, with the initial places selling out within 24 hours.

This first tranche of training runs from mid November until early January 2016 and has been made available to parents of pupils at Colfe’s School in London, which is Tougher Minds’ flagship partner in the independent sector. The training is based on the programme that recently won Education Initiative at the Year and includes key elements of Tougher Minds’ Personal Change Management and Leadership programme, used by high-profile organisations in business, sport and education.

  • The Colfe’s pupils who experienced the full Tougher Minds’ programme over three terms were six times more likely to achieve good to excellent improvements from mock exams to actual GCSE grades. ‘Good to excellent’ improvement is where a pupil shows an increase of one grade in six subjects or more.

The programme – which is also available to families with young people in other schools throughout the UK – allows parents to offer targeted support to their children, in their studies and in their lives outside the classroom. It can boost academic performance across all subjects, and extracurricular achievement. Parents who have experienced a previous Tougher Minds training programme have given a range of positive feedback.

“The concepts, the processes and the techniques were very practical for my wife and I. It was applied knowledge with real things that actually made a difference.”, commented one Colfe’s parent, who completed the course.

Another added: ”I came to do the programme to support my son but I also felt there was potential benefit to use these skills in a personal and work context.”

The training comprises six key sessions. These are:

  1. An introduction to your brain.
  2. How to boost motivation.
  3. How to focus concentration.
  4. How to supercharge learning.
  5. How to take control of confidence.
  6. Planning for the future.

“Our training enables parents to offer additional support to their children, in their studies and in their lives outside the classroom.”, commented Tougher Minds Managing Director Jon Finn.

“It creates a virtuous cycle of improved performance and positive behaviour change. This includes improvements in relationships, growth mindsets for parents and children, enhanced motivation and increased academic achievement.”

Finn added: “We believe leadership is a key component of successful parenting. Our programmes have an immediate impact and are suitable for any family.”

The training for parents is delivered to small groups, with start times offered to suit personal and work schedules. Although all places for these initial sessions have sold out, Tougher Minds is still taking reserves. Those on the list will then have the first opportunity to sign up for our next tranche of the programme.

Parents attending the training typically have children aged from seven to 18 years old. This initial programme at Colfe’s is run in partnership with the teaching staff and has been heavily subsidised by the school.

More training opportunities for ALL parents
Parents of Colfe’s pupils who have not secured a place on this first tranche of training can register their interest and be placed on a reserve list.

Tougher Minds also offers this training to parents from other schools throughout the UK and is happy to hear from individuals or groups with a strong interest.

In both cases, interested parents should get in touch via the following email:

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