Parent praises Tougher Minds programme in personal letter

We were delighted to receive this letter from the parent of a Year 7 pupil who has taken part in a Tougher Minds programme. With her kind permission, we are able to share it with you below.

Dear Dr.Finn and Mr. Foster,

“I thought I’d take this opportunity to put down in writing just how valuable the Tougher Minds programme has been for my daughter. 

“She joined Year 7 slightly nervous of change and considerably overwhelmed by the amount of homework and revision ahead of her. Although she is a self-motivated child and always prepared to work hard, she has a tendency to work hard but without focus, and her motivation is replaced by self-doubt when she becomes overwhelmed by the tasks ahead, as she can tend to do. 

“Tougher Minds has given her a clear framework to follow, allowing her to turn a wall of work into individual tasks she knows she can achieve. Planning her days this way are now a daily norm. Being a swimmer she trains five times a week and manages to juggle this commitment, her academic workload, school based sporting and extra-curricular music lessons without (too much) fuss or worry. 

“A big part of this is due to Tougher Minds and the practical techniques it has equipped her with that have helped her daily self-management. As parents we feared that the sport and extra-curricular activities especially choir would fall away, but Tougher Minds has taught her not just how to include these in her routine, but the importance of them. 

“I would like to thank Tougher Minds for their guidance. I think every child should be given the opportunity to learn the Tougher Minds techniques.”

  • Tougher Minds also works with schools in key areas of education including school transitions, GCSE and ‘A’ Level exam preparation, broader well-being and resilience training and programmes to enhance schools’ pastoral care.You can find out more here.
  • You can also see a Vlog from Andrew Foster which includes feedback from some pupils and parents who have benefited from Tougher Minds Year 7 Transition programmes. Click here.

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