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Confidence Building tips

We can all manage and build our confidence, so we can persist and overcome the challenges we’ll inevitably face in work and life. The ability to overcome challenges and keeping moving forward, towards goals and objectives, is a major component of mental resilience.

To begin our confidence building tips, here are some insights from the ‘Robust Confidence Habits’ Masterclass (this content is only available to Me Power® Resilience program members. To upgrade click HERE).

1. Develop good D.E.S. habits to make it easier to build and manage your confidence (D.E.S. is our abbreviation for diet, exercise and sleep).

2. Robust confidence includes an element of negativity which sometimes needs to come from healthy self-criticism e.g. Think of a 3:1 ratio. Three helpful thoughts or ideas, to every one negative.

3. Confidence has two components, belief (the igloo) and evidence (the ice cubes). We use the extended metaphor of freezing ice cubes to make blocks of ice in order to build an “igloo of confidence”.

4. The Confidence Profile can help you to gain perspective, which is the first step to building better confidence. This is one of our Tougher Minds self-reflection tools. Regular self-reflection is a beneficial process.

5. Focus on freezing one ice cube at a time. Again, this refers to the metaphor of freezing blocks of ice and building an “igloo of confidence”. In other words, think of building your confidence one small step at a time.

6. We can use the K.O.S.Y. confidence framework to help us build-up important igloos. K.O.S.Y. is an acronym we use to identify and reflect on personal strengths and relationships we already have that can help to build confidence.

7. We can use the stress management and emotional regulation skills we learned in the ‘Stress Management and Helpful Thinking Habits’ Masterclass to help us stabilise confidence when we experience a set-back.

To truly understand how to develop Robust Confidence work through the Me Power® Resilience program. To upgrade click HERE.

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