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Daily T.E.A.® Plan

Watch this short video to learn how to create a Daily T.E.A.® Plan

A Daily T.E.A.®  Plan is a quick and practical way to boost your wellbeing, performance and resilience everyday. T.E.A.® stands for a Tiny, Empowering, Action. If you complete a Daily T.E.A.®  Plan on a regular basis, you will quickly notice how much easier it becomes to be your best.

You can complete your Daily T.E.A.® Plan in these three simple steps.

1. ‘Rate (out of 10) how well you did your best to be your best and achieve your goals yesterday’. 10 means you were perfect.

2. Write down a Tiny Empowering Action that will make your life easier over the next 24hrs.

3. Write down ‘Why’ doing this will help you to be your best.

Here is an example:

  1. Best doing score – 7/10.
  2. T.E.A. – Only check the news once today.
  3. Why? – It will be easier to focus and be productive.

Now try it for yourself.

In 3 simple steps create a Tiny, Empowering, Action Plan:

1. Rate how well you did your best to be your best and achieve your goals yesterday – out of 10.

2. Describe your Tiny Empowering Action.

3. Describe why this helps you to be at your best.

You can access the Daily T.E.A.® Plan PDF below. You can download it and complete the interactive PDF OR print and complete OR use it as a template and record your answers in a personal notebook:

Daily T.E.A. Plan

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