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Productivity Boosting tips

Building better productivity habits is an essential part of being Resilient. To help you become more Productive and Resilient here are some productivity boosting tips based on the insights in our ‘Productivity boosting habits’ Masterclass (this content is only available as part of the ‘Me Power® Resilience program’. To learn more click HERE).

1.    Understand ‘why’ you want to be productive today by connecting the work you need to get done with your big long-term goals. You can use your ‘Future Ambitious Meaningful (F.A.M.®) Story’ form for this. The F.A.M.® Story form is part of the ‘Learn how to boost motivation and personal drive’ Masterclass in the Me Power® Resilience program.

2.    Create a plan that helps you to optimise your brain performance over every 24hr period. Plan to use your High charge brain states (for focused work), Medium charge brain states (for easy tasks) and Recharge brain states (for sleeping and relaxing) more effectively. You can create Will Power stories to help you do this. You will learn more about your brain states and how to create Will Power Stories in the ‘Productivity boosting habits’ Masterclass.

3.    Build better diet, exercise and sleep habits – improved productivity is built on these. We show you the simple and practical steps you can take to do this in the ‘How to build better diet, exercise and sleep habits’ Masterclass, which is also part of the Me Power® Resilience program.

4.    Use downtime to deliberately Recharge. If you’re watching television relax, enjoy it and don’t check your emails at the same time!

5.    Plan to create ice sculptures (our term for your most challenging and “clever” work). Complex and challenging work is easier if we plan when we are going to use our High charge brain states for highly focused concentration. Learn more about this in the ‘Productivity boosting habits’ Masterclass.

6.    Remove distractions from your environment (e.g. your phone)  and use your strengths (e.g. persistence) to help you accomplish challenging, complex and “clever” work. We call these Will Power Boosters and you can learn more about them in the ‘Productivity boosting habits’ Masterclass.

7.    Use Focus words and pictures to help you focus, re-focus and relax. Learn how to create Focus words and pictures in the ‘Productivity boosting habits’ Masterclass.

8.    Take the A.P.E.® Brain Test to learn more about your greatest productivity challenges and what is stopping you being your best every day.

To truly understand how to get more done in less time work through the Me Power® Resilience program.

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