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Tips for improving Motivation

Staying motivated when we face set-backs and challenges in life and work can be very difficult for us all. Overcoming these and maintaining motivation is a key part of developing and improving mental resilience.

To begin our tips for improving motivation, here are some insights from the ‘Learn how to boost motivation and personal drive‘ Masterclass (this content is only available to Me Power® Resilience program members. To upgrade click HERE).

1. Do you have a big meaningful reason to make a change in your life or work? Take a moment to think in greater detail about why you want to change to achieve or attain something.

2. Engage in regular self-reflection. For instance, give yourself a score out 10 (10 being the best you can be) for how well are you doing your best to be your best and achieve your weekly goals?

3. Remind yourself that it is possible for us all to make changes because we are a combination of nature plus nurture. Neuroscience shows that our brains can change at any stage of our lives and hence we can all learn and develop.

4. Do you understand ‘Why’ you want to achieve your goals? This relates to the first point. If you can consider your goals in greater detail by asking yourself ‘why’ several times, you will understand much more about your future plans. This will boost motivation.

5. Regularly create and update your F.A.M. Story. This is a Tougher Minds ‘goal setting’ tool which helps you plan for a successful future. F.A.M. stands for future, ambitious and meaningful.

6. Can you connect your short-term goals and habits (i.e. today) to your future goals? By doing this you will give yourself a purpose and motivation for the tasks you must complete everyday. This is because you will understand how these immediate actions help you achieve your long-term objectives.

7. Maintain a process of reviewing these short, medium and long-term goals on a weekly and monthly basis. Use ‘positively-weighted reflection’.

8. Write a ‘Fail Story’ i.e. what don’t you want your future to look like? Using creative writing to help manage your confidence, motivation and stress is a very helpful technique for us all.

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