Reducing and effectively managing stress is a core component of mental resilience. You can reduce stress and build your confidence with a Daily 3 to 1 Reflection.

This is a Tougher Minds personal reflection exercise which we explain in our ‘Stress Management and Helpful Thinking Habits’ Masterclass (this content is only available as part of the ‘Me Power® Resilience program’. To learn more click HERE). 

We have developed the Daily 3:1 Reflection for you to use at the end of every day. It is a great, practical starting point for helping anyone to feel better, reduce their stress and build their confidence.

Here is how you can complete a Daily 3:1 Reflection:

Write down at LEAST three positive or helpful things about today. Then write down one thing you can do tomorrow that will help you to be your best more often.

Here is an example that illustrates the type of ideas we refer to:

  • I was able to have breakfast with my family this morning.
  • I love the company I work for, I feel so lucky to work here.
  • I was able to help my children with their homework.

You can also set a goal to work towards in the next 24 hours:

  • Do 10 more minutes walking tomorrow than I achieved today.

This 3:1 ratio of positive to negative thoughts is required for what we refer to as grounded positivity. We explain this concept in much greater detail in our ‘Me Power® Resilience program’. To learn more click HERE

A certain amount of stress can be helpful to us. By having one negative thought (or something that we need to address), we have goals to work towards and improve – it give us a focus. And the three positive thoughts or ‘good things’ give us confidence and an energy to persist. This is part of being resilient.

Try to complete a Daily 3:1 Reflection at the end of your day and pay attention to what is helpful to you. You will quickly notice the benefits.

Now try it for yourself

You can access the Daily 3:1 Reflection PDF below. You can download it and complete the interactive PDF OR print and complete OR use it as a template and record your answers in a personal notebook:

Daily 3:1 Reflection

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