Resilience Test

Hi, my name is Dr. Jon Finn. To start identifying some of your unhelpful habits (so you can improve your resilience and start your journey to becoming a ‘Habit Mechanic’), I want you to do some ‘intelligent Self-Watching’. This simply means thinking about yourself in a focused and systematic way, so that you can precisely identify your unhelpful behavior. To help you do this, I have created a short ‘Resilience Test’.

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There are no right or wrong answers. This is just about what you think about yourself right now. The more you practice Self-Watching exercises like this Test, the better you will become at understanding yourself. I complete this type of test about once a month to help me stay on top of my APE Brain. The more I practice intelligent Self-Watching, the better I get.

Note: It doesn’t matter what your scores are. The important thing is that you are thinking about yourself and identifying your strengths and areas for improvement. Don’t over think your scores, just go with your gut instinct. The more you practice intelligent Self-Watching the better you will get at it.