Tougher Minds uses cutting-edge insights from psychology, behavioral science, neuroscience, and world champions to help organizations develop ‘Habit Mechanics’ and ‘Chief Habit Mechanics’ – Resilient people, outstanding Leaders, and World-Class teams.

More about Tougher Minds

This podcast is a short extract from my book ‘The Habit Mechanic’. It explains what we do at Tougher Minds, and why our approach is different and uniquely powerful. It also explains what is included in ‘The Habit Mechanic’ book. This is useful to understand because the way the book is structured mirrors our ‘Habit Mechanic’ and ‘Chief Habit Mechanic’ training programmes. Download chapters 1 and 2 of ‘The Habit Mechanic’ for free here.

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Even more about Tougher Minds

We live in a challenging world where it can feel more difficult than ever to thrive and succeed.

Dr. Jon Finn has worked in the fields of well-being, performance psychology and Transformational Leadership for nearly 20 years. He founded Tougher Minds to make it easier for people to build better habits for well-being and performance. The simple, practical and award-winning Tougher Minds programmes empower people and businesses to fulfil their potential. They use the latest insights from neuroscience, behavioural science and psychology to create and deliver bespoke workshops, coaching and change programmes.

Tougher Minds products, programmes and services are proven to deliver the following outcomes for individuals, teams and organisations:

– Greater well-being
– Enhanced resilience
– Reduced stress
– Improved confidence
– Increased creativity and innovation
– More work done in less time
– Transformational Leadership
– Truly high-performing teams
– Successful change management
– Happier people

Dr. Finn and his colleagues have a collective experience of over 100 years in helping people, leaders, teams and organisations build better habits. They have worked extensively in the highest levels of elite sport, advised the Government and think tanks, had their work featured in The Sunday Times, The Sunday Telegraph, People Management and T.E.S, published peer-reviewed papers and popular books within the area of performance psychology, and helped 10,000s of people be their best more often.

Tougher Minds work globally. Here is a sample of the people, teams and organisations they have helped fulfil their potential:

– Janus Henderson Investors
– Aon
– Mercedes
– Chaucer
– John Deere Financial
– The Professional Golfers’ Association
– Premier League Football Managers
– Deloitte
– The Rugby Football League
– The Scottish Golf Union
– Yorkshire County Cricket Club
– European Tour Golfers
– Sky Sports
– England Athletics
– Rugby League Super League Head Coaches