Our Research

The Tougher Minds approach is based on extensive academic and practical research. This has been undertaken in the last decade and much of it has been published in major peer-reviewed journals.

Here we present a selection of some of the material:

Dr. Jon Finn, PhD, MSc, BA (Hons)
– Finn, J., McKenna, J., and Vickers, D. (2013). Improving Pupil Learning by Integrating a Mental Skills Training Programme into a Secondary School Curriculum, PE Matters.

– Finn, J. and McKenna, J. (2010). Coping with academy­-to-­first­-team transitions in elite English male team sports: The coaches’ perspective. International Journal of Coaching and Sport Science, 5, 257­279.

– Finn, J. (2009). Using mental skills to improve golfing performance: A theory based case study for golf coaches. International Journal of Sport Science and Coaching, 4, Supplement 1, 223­245.

– Finn, J., Grills, A., and Bell, D. (2009). A comparison of PETTLEP imagery, physical practice and their combination in the facilitation of non­dominant leg kicking accuracy, Chapter in: Drust, B., Reilly, T., and Williams, A. M., ed., International Research in Science and Soccer, Routledge, New York, 177­189.

Professor Jim McKenna
– Allan, J., McKenna J., and Dinnan, S. (2014). Degrees of resilience: psychological resilience and prospective academic achievement in UK university inductees. Brit J Couns. Guidance. 42(1), 9-25.

– Allan, J., McKenna, J., and Hind ,K. (2012). Brain resilience: Shedding light into the black box of adventure processes.Australian Journal of Outdoor Education. 16(1), 3-14.

– Crust, L., McKenna, J., Spence, J., Thomas, C., Evans, D., and Bishop, D. (2012). The effects of playground markings on the physical self-perceptions of 10–11-yearold school children. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, DOI:10.1080/17408989.2012.732565