Affiliate programme – help others & earn money


Benefit by sharing our powerful tools and resources with your friends, family, colleagues and contacts.

You will help them feel better and improve their performance.  

You will also benefit.

We will pay you 50% of any digital products (every product apart from our coaching services) purchased via your personal affiliate link.


Your contacts purchase 4 x ‘Working from Home programmes’ (£49 each) and  4 x ‘Me Power Planners’ (£19 each) via personal affiliate links you have shared

That is a total of £272

We will pay you £136

It’s easy to share links to our tools and resources via your own account dashboard.

Just follow these simple steps:

STEP 1. Log in to your account on the Tougher Minds Coaching page (if you don’t have one, you can create an account by downloading one of our free resources on the Tougher Minds Coaching page)

STEP 2. Click on the ‘Affiliate’ tab in your dashboard menu.

STEP 3. You will see a list of the available Tougher Minds resources.

STEP 4. To share them and benefit, just click Copy URL.

STEP 5. You can share these in emails and messages to your colleagues, contacts, friends and family.

STEP 6. Monitor your affiliate income in personal ‘Affiliate’ dashboard.



We will make all payments via PayPal within 35 days (to account for our 30 day customer refund policy).

You can share your Tougher Minds affiliate links via social media, email or text.

Please note we ask that you don’t place links to our site in any paid for social media advertising campaigns.

We look forward to working with you.