Bespoke Business Resilience & Change Programmes

We create a bespoke programme to meet client’s needs. We use multiple delivery methods to reach everyone in an organisation.

We will work with your organisation to help you implement the six change factors, to create Me Power® and Team Power®, helping everyone to be their best.

The following are examples of the delivery methods we use in our Bespoke Resilience & Change Programmes

Keynote and Panel Discussion
A keynote, followed by a panel discussion, can be used as part of a launch event for a Tougher Minds programme. Keynotes are generally delivered by a member of the Tougher Minds team. Panel members are generally drawn from within the organisation, the Tougher Minds team and sometimes external experts.

Bite-size Resilience workshops
Medium to small group training sessions, lasting approximately 120-150 minutes. We recommend that approximately 7-10 people attend each session, but we can be flexible to meet client needs. The same session can be repeated multiple times during the day to allow more people to attend.
One-to-one and small group coaching
Coaching to help participants refine their skills and secure new habits. Sessions typically last 45 minutes.
Personal Development Plan portfolio
A physical portfolio document that will guide participants through the weekly programme, and their personal development activities.
Performance Planner (bespoke for each client)
A daily self-watching tool, that allows participants to measure and monitor their daily behaviour, and make it easier to build new beneficial habits individually and collectively.
Willpower Boosters
Participants receive regular Willpower Boosters, or ‘triggers’, to help them to maintain their training, and develop new beneficial habits. Willpower Boosters will be tapered, reducing in volume as new habits are established. Triggers can include: 1) regular emails and social media activity; 2) regular podcasts; 3) pop-up stands and posters; and, 4) regular blogs.
Me Power®
Online programme
It is a personal trainer for well-being, resilience and being your best. It is for work and life and supports individuals and teams to build helpful habits to maintain and boost health, happiness and performance.