Team Power® Leadership Certificate

Do you want to be a leader, or create leaders, who help their organisation to thrive in the challenging modern world?

Some so-called leadership development programmes teach leadership theory. This is a waste of time. Our uniquely powerful and best-in-class leadership training is proven to develop Team Power® Leaders who make a positive impact every day. We teach the simple and practical Transformational Leadership skills that actually make people better leaders. Tougher Minds Team Power® Leaders can consistently help themselves and others to build better habits so their organisation succeeds and thrives.

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We develop Team Power® Leaders that:

  • Understand and use the scientific principles that underpin what great leaders do to create powerful teams
  • Can analyse their own behaviour (using our proprietary Team Power® Leadership self-knowledge and habit tests) and reflect on their leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Can build new Team Power® Leadership habits and become even better Transformational Leaders
  • Can use behavioural science to create high-performing teams and cultures
  • Are equipped with the tools to help them continually improve themselves
  • Are equipped with the tools to help them continually improve others

Team Power® Leadership training process:

  • Receive your Team Power® Leadership development resources through the post
  • Access your online Team Power® Leadership development programme
  • Six x 1:1 coaching sessions with Dr. Jon Finn (1 hour each) via video conferencing, every two weeks
  • Learn how to be a Role Model to embody the organisation’s values and set the correct example
  • Learn how to be an Action Communicator and get others to consistently take positive action
  • Learn to be a Cultural Architect to create high-performing cultures and a strategy that allows you to win
  • Learn to become a S.W.A.P. Coach to help other thrive
  • Have an exit interview to assess your Team Power® Leadership skills and become certified
  • Start from £2999 (plus VAT) per person

“It improved my ability to inspire others, and my leadership on and off the field.”

Jamie Peacock, Former England Rugby League Captain, and treble-winner with both Bradford Bulls and Leeds Rhinos

Here are some insights into how we help people to become Team Power® Leaders:

Team Power® Framework
Our scientifically grounded model makes it easier for leaders to build great and successful teams. Your leaders/people managers will learn about the five steps that all teams must take, to fulfil their potential.
1. Me Power® Conditioning – empower everyone to be at their best.
2. Community Base Camp – create big goals, a strategy and decide your priorities.
3. Group Climbing Support – create daily habits that make achieving your collective goals easier.
4. Campfire Discussion – coaching people and helping them to grow, improve and deliver results.
5. Group Climbing Review – planning to collectively step-back, reflect and adjust priorities - helping the team achieve their goals.

Team Power® Leadership part 1: Role Model
The Role Model is the first part of our Transformational Leadership framework. Role Modelling is all about how you behave, being a good person and purposefully working towards being at your best. We will help your leaders and people managers to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses, as a Role Model. This includes how well they look after themselves, their ability to regulate their emotions and their ability to optimise their own performance. Our insights and habit-building tools will help your leaders/people managers to become even better Role Models.
Team Power® Leadership part 2: Cultural Architect
The Cultural Architect is the second part of our Transformational Leadership framework. Great Cultural Architects establish purpose, promote psychological safety, empower others to actively commit to the team’s future vision, empower others to actively commit to their roles and responsibilities within the vision, and design systems that help their people to be their best and improve. We will help your leaders/people managers to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses as Cultural Architects and develop new skills that make them even better Team Power® Leaders.
Team Power® Leadership part 3: S.W.A.P.® Coach
The S.W.A.P.® Coach is the third part of our Transformational Leadership framework. Great S.W.A.P.® Coaches are experts at helping their people to build new helpful habits that allow them to be healthier, happier and at their best more often. We will help your leaders/people managers to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses as S.W.A.P.® Coaches and develop new skills that make it even easier for them to help their people be their best.
Team Power® Leadership part 4: Action Communicator
The Action Communicator is the fourth part of our Transformational Leadership framework. The essence of being a great Action Communicator is that people take positive action because of what you say. Action Communicators also build psychological safety, share vulnerability and verbally reinforce the shared future vision and priorities. We will help your leaders/people managers to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses as Action Communicators and develop new skills that make it even easier for them to communicate with their people in a way that helps the team to succeed.
The '9 Action Factors Model' for successful Behaviour Change
Why do people do what they do?

How can your Team Power® Leaders use insights from behavioural science to change other people's behaviour and help achieve organisational goals?

Providing effective answers to the above questions is not easy. Most efforts to create change are unsuccessful.

To help our clients achieve successful and sustainable change we have created our proprietary 9 Action Factors model. There are more than 200 rules that underpin the model. They make it easier for your Team Power® Leaders and organisation to activate all 9 Action Factors. This means we help our clients, and their Team Power® Leaders, create the desired changes in their peoples’ behaviour and achieve organisational goals.

Here is an overview of the 9 core areas: 1) Mindset; 2) Habit Factor; 3) Brain State Optimisation; 4) Personal Motivation; 5) Personal Knowledge and Skills; 6) Community Knowledge and Skills; 7) Social Influence; 8) Rewards and Penalties; 9) Environmental and Digital External Triggers.

“l got the most out of myself and my young squad. We won the League!”

Nigel Adkins, Professional Football Manager


Download our BUSINESS BROCHURE to learn how brains work, and how we can help your people, teams and organisation succeed and thrive.

  • Improved performance
  • Greater well-being
  • Enhanced resilience
  • Increased productivity
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Improved Transformational Leadership development
  • Successful organisational change