Case studies

These case studies highlight our successful work with a range of organisations and individuals.
These case studies highlight our successful work with a range of organisations and individuals.
"My colleagues were not ready for the session to finish. Even two hours after lunch they were all in learning mode and were fascinated by the subject matter."
Deputy Area Director of Sales, HSBC
"During times of business challenge and economic stretch, Jon worked closely with our businesses to understand how he and his team could apply some simple but highly effective learning interventions to allow our people to challenge their way of life. The Tougher Minds sessions that we ran for our Financial Services division were gratefully received by all with visible outputs as soon as colleagues left the room. I would highly recommend Dr. Jon Finn and his team to anyone wishing to challenge work ethics, performance and wellbeing."
Talent Development Business Partner
"Life can be increasing challenging and stressful for people. This can negatively impact both well-being and performance at an individual and organisational level. Dr Jon Finn and his team provide simple and practical training based on cutting-edge scientific insights. This has helped our people to better understand the challenges of modern life and made it easier for them to be their best at work and in life. This makes it easier for our business to achieve its goals and be successful. The feedback we receive about Tougher Minds training is fantastic. I can strongly recommend working with Dr Jon Finn and his team. Jon has delivered some brilliant workshops for our colleagues at Aon."
Senior Learning & Leadership Development Partner
"I particularly like the Tougher Minds approach because it is scientifically based with real practical application. Using neuroscience to help explain how to break habits and build resilience really resonated with the data focused, empirical hungry analysts whilst the interactive activities and helpful hints engaged the pragmatists in the room. The programme really has something for everyone! Jon is a knowledgable and relatable facilitator, bringing his expertise to life to help others with theirs. The benefits of Jon's approach has been clear, a more mindful, positive, resilient group of employees! I would not hesitate to recommend Jon and the Tougher Minds programmes."
Head of Learning & Development
"Over the last 20 years we have invited many successful people from all walks of life to talk to our sales team on a variety of topics. At our last meeting Dr. Jon delivered 2 x 2hr sessions of cutting edge and highly relevant material in what honestly felt like 30 min. I have rarely, if ever, seen someone command the complete attention of a room for so long in such a meaningful way. The magic of Dr. Jon’s material is that it is simple and instantly applicable in both business and personal settings. You will not be disappointed if you decide to work with Dr. Jon."
Michael Scully, Britevox Co-founder
"Having worked with Tougher Minds for a number of years we really value the positive impact they have on our business. In an increasingly complex, challenging, and competitive world we want to help our people to be at their personal and professional best. Tougher Minds help us to achieve this goal. They make complex science simple and practical so that our people, individually and collectively, can boost their well-being and performance. Tougher Minds' support has helped us to achieve our business goals."
Managing Director, The Sports Office
"It's very engaging and very easy to understand. The training helps you remain motivated and shows how you can improve personally and help others."
Teaching Fellow, Leeds University Business School
"The Tougher Minds bespoke programme was relevant, engaging and had a powerful message that we can change our habits and become more productive and achieve our dreams."
Course leader, Oil Industry Training Programme.
"The structured approach makes it something that has longevity. It is not just a fad."
Head of Business and Product Development, Emerald Publishing
"It’s a great mental and physical discipline to help you in your daily life, whether you’re a parent, a manager or an employee."
CEO of a global IT company
"Tougher Minds has improved the concentration, motivation and focus of our trainees."
Head of Education, PGA of Great Britain and Ireland