Case Studies

Colfe’s School


Education, co-educational, independent HMC secondary day school.


Colfe’s School, London

Target group:

Pupils, teachers and parents


Increase grades, enhance school reputation and create USP to assist pupil recruitment.

"It’s significantly improved GCSE results. It’s the best thing I’ve seen to boost learning by some distance."
Head of Academic Performance, Colfe's School


  • A grade by grade comparison of GCSEs showed that Pupils who completed the Tougher Minds programme improved 50% more per grade than their peers, from mock exams.
  • The Colfe’s pupils, who experienced the full Tougher Minds’ programme over three terms, were six times more likely to achieve good to excellent improvements from mock exams to actual GCSE grades. Good to excellent improvements were deemed to be where a pupil shows an increase of one grade in six subjects or more.

  • Improved levels of concentration, motivation and personal performance by staff and students.
  • Adoption of new teaching/ learning methods by staff, students and parents.
  • Improved learning habits among pupils.
  • Significantly increase pupil recruitment.
  • Parents were better able to help their children learn at home.