Case Studies

German Multinational Automotive Corporation




German multinational automotive corporation

Target group:

Financial Services division.


Help employees to navigate change within the business. Empower people to build more new helpful habits to improve well-being, performance and leadership.

"During times of business challenge and economic stretch, Jon worked closely with our businesses to understand how he and his team could apply some simple but highly effective learning interventions to allow our people to challenge their way of life. The Tougher Minds sessions that we ran for our Financial Services division were gratefully received by all with visible outputs as soon as colleagues left the room. I would highly recommend Dr. Jon Finn and his team to anyone wishing to challenge work ethics, performance and wellbeing."
Talent Development Business Partner


  • Simple skills that people used immediately.
  • Consolidated and boosted group morale.

  • Enhanced people’s understanding of the change process and how they could succeed during change.
  • Improved empolyee well-being and performance.