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Global Asset Managers




Global Asset Managers

Target group:

Everyone in the business. Live UK and USA training delivered.


Create a global well-being, performance and leadership programme which was accessible to employees at all levels.

"I particularly like the Tougher Minds approach because it is scientifically based with real practical application. Using neuroscience to help explain how to break habits and build resilience really resonated with the data focused, empirical hungry analysts whilst the interactive activities and helpful hints engaged the pragmatists in the room. The programme really has something for everyone! Jon is a knowledgable and relatable facilitator, bringing his expertise to life to help others with theirs. The benefits of Jon's approach has been clear, a more mindful, positive, resilient group of employees! I would not hesitate to recommend Jon and the Tougher Minds programmes."
Head of Learning & Development


  • Improved employee understanding of how brains work, what humans are designed to do and why modern life can be challenging.
  • Improved productivity.

  • Happier employees .
  • More Transformational Leaders.