Case Studies

Quintin Kynaston School


Education, co-educational state secondary school.


Quintin Kynaston School, London

Target group:

Pupils, teachers and parents


Increase participating pupils knowledge and understanding of self-control and help them develop improved self-control habits.

"I like the Tougher Minds programme because it gives us practical concepts that we can use in the real world. It’s also helped my relationship with my daughter."
Quintin Kynaston Parent


  • Pupils participating in the Tougher Minds programme developed a better understanding of self-control, and were better able to deploy sophisticated self-control techniques than non-participants.
  • Pupils also cited improved motivation and understanding of how to change behaviour and habits.

  • Parents involved in the programme reported improved understanding of how self-control could benefit their own lives. Parents also reported enhanced relationships with their children.
  • School staff reported improved behaviour and approaches to learning by pupils.