For education

Our education products and programmes help our clients to improve pupil/student recruitment, learning, grades, independent study, confidence (we teach people how to be more confident), concentration (we teach people how to focus their attention), classroom behaviour, exam performance and extracurricular activities. Our products and programmes are designed to support pupils/students, teachers/lecturers and parents.

“Tougher Minds has improved the concentration, motivation and focus of our trainees.”

Head of Education, Sports National Governing Body

Tougher Minds for education: the benefits

  • Enhance well-being
  • Enhance resilience
  • Improved grades
  • Reduced stress
  • Improve confidence
  • Transferable Life Skills
  • Everyone at their best

Specific applications within education

  • Support for 11 plus/entrance exams
  • Support for Year 7 transitions
  • GCSE & A Level support programmes
  • Staff inset
  • Transferable Life Skills programmes
  • Staff well-being programmes
  • Create Team Power® in your organisation

Tougher Minds can support everyone in your organisation.

Our approach has been proven to enhance well-being, and improve personal performance. We work with a wide range of education organisations throughout the UK.

We train people to become more resilient and to perform to their potential.

We support teachers, lectures and parents to provide even better pastoral care.

Our current clients include primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, universities, charities and other educational organisations.

All Tougher Minds programmes for education are bespoke to individual clients’ needs.