For Families

Our Family Resilience programmes equip parents with simple and practical skills to support their children, and children with simple and practical skills to support themselves – we don’t tell children to concentrate and to be more confident, we teach them how. Our programmes also help parents improve their own performance and well-being in life and work.

“It gives us practical concepts that we can use… it helped my relationship with my daughter.”


Tougher Minds for families: the benefits

  • Enhance well-being
  • Enhance resilience
  • Improved grades
  • Reduced stress at home
  • Better relationships
  • Improve confidence
  • Everyone at their best

Specific applications within families

  • Support for 11 plus/entrance exams
  • Support for Year 7 transitions
  • GCSE support programmes
  • A Level support programmes
  • Oxbridge application support programmes
  • Help children to perform to their potential
  • Create Family Power®

Tougher Minds award-winning resilience skills training is for parents and their children.

For parents – support your children’s well-being, help them improve in school and flourish in their lives.

For children – improve resilience, academic performance and develop transferable life-skills.

Our programmes will benefit the whole family and support children at all stages of their education.

They have a proven impact on parents and their children.The training creates a virtuous cycle of improved performance and positive behaviour change.

Our current clients include families, Working Family Networks, and private and state sector schools.

All Tougher Minds programmes for families are bespoke to individual clients’ needs.