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Do you want to feel and do better? The biggest problem you face is that most self-help, training, and coaching is outdated and ineffective in our challenging world. Why? It’s NOT rooted in cutting-edge science about how your brain ACTUALLY works and what ACTUALLY stops you from fulfilling your potential.

The solution? Download the Habit Mechanic® University app and become a ‘Habit Mechanic.’ Dr. Jon Finn (Tougher Minds Founder and author of the ‘The Habit Mechanic – Fine-Tune Your Brain and Supercharge How You Live, Work, and Lead’) and his team will teach you how. This NEW, uniquely powerful approach draws on proven insights from cutting-edge neuroscience, behavioral science, psychology, and world champions. You’ll learn how to quickly develop better habits for Resilience, Performance, and (if you want) Leadership by using our award-winning ‘Habit Mechanic’ and ‘Chief Habit Mechanic’ Tools, proven to change people’s lives, used by more than 10,000 people.

Join Habit Mechanic® University community and learn how to:

– Improve work-life balance
– Understand yourself by developing your ‘Habit Mechanic intelligence’
– Discover your ‘Destructive Habits’ and your ‘Super Habits’
– Supercharge motivation
– Reduce stress
– Stop beating yourself up
– Improve your sleep, diet, exercise, brain health, and performance
– Build robust confidence
– Perform under pressure
– Boost focus and productivity (ideal for hybrid work)
– Become a world-class leader
– Build high-performance cultures and outstanding teams