‘The Habit Mechanic’ book support page

1. Buy ‘The Habit Mechanic’ book for someone else (help them to be their best)

2. Get the app: ‘Habit Mechanic University’ app (Unlock Your 25 Hour Brain) – Learn how to be your best & thrive

3. Audiobook accompanying PDF

4. Resources:

i) Online APE Brain Test – also know as the ‘Habit Mechanic intelligence (HMi)’ Test

ii) Step 1, 2, and 3 resources including: Daily TEA Plan; Daily 3:1 Reflection; Weekly Me Power Wall Chart; Seven Day Diet, Exercise and Sleep SWAP; Habit Building Plan; Optimal Activation Review

iii) Step 4 resources: Team Power Builder – Team version & Leader version

iv) Sample: ‘Me Power Resilience Planner – FREE (NEW ‘Habit Mechanic Planner’ will be available soon)

5. Helping others

6. Bibliography