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Forbes articles by Dr. Jon Finn

‘5 Science-Based Strategies For Optimizing Your Work And Beating AI’

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‘Habit Metrics: A Better Option Than Psychometrics For Leadership Performance’

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‘Executive Coaching Approaches Must Embrace That People Are Habitual’

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‘Why Performance Management Systems Don’t Work and How to Fix Them’

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‘The Business Leader’s Three-Step Blueprint For Organizational And Leadership Success’

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‘How To Fix Your Failing Change Management Plan’

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‘Science-Based Skills To Help Your Teams Save Time And Build Better Habits’

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’15 Steps Executives Can Take To Prepare For An Economic Recession’

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‘Supercharge Employee Productivity In The New Hybrid Workplace: Teach Them How To Drive’

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‘Boost Hybrid Workplace Well-Being And Productivity In Three Science-Based Steps’

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A range of podcasts where Dr. Finn has been the expert guest

Leadership Lab ‘Become a Habit Mechanic’

Agencyphonics ‘Supercharging your life, work and leadership’

Leading People ‘Supercharge how you Lead’

EQ Minds ‘How to get Habits to stick’

Today’s Leader ‘Leading on Habits’

HR Power Hour ‘The Habit Mechanic’

The Biology of Business ‘The Habit Mechanic: Unpacking the Science of Sustainable Habit Formation’

Training Business ‘How goals are achieved through simple behavioural changes’

The HR Uprising ‘High-Performance Habits for 2023’

Live Life In Motion ‘How to become a Habit Mechanic in 2023’

Cashflow Academy ‘Build a Tougher Mind’

Speak Like A Leader ‘The Habit Mechanic’

Do Your Crap ‘Become a Habit Mechanic to Maximize Your Potential’

Think Business Live ‘How To Supercharge Your Habits’

What Are You Made Of? ‘Building Better Habits By Reframing Our Minds and Regulating Our Emotions’

Business Owners Radio ‘How to Quickly Develop Better Resilience, Performance, and Leadership Habits in Yourself and Others’

Inevitable Future of Work ‘Learning from The Habit Mechanic’

Modern Manager ‘Hack Your Brain’

How to Entrepreneur ‘World Champion Habit Mechanics’

Neuroscience Meets Social and Emotional Learning ‘Fine-Tune Your Brain and Supercharge How You Live, Work, and Lead’

Success In Accounting ‘Habits For Performance’

Human Capital Innovations ‘Overcoming Destructive Habits to Develop Positive Super Habits’

Everyday MBA ‘Become a Habit Mechanic’

B2B Growth ‘5 Steps to a World-Class Team’

Managing Happiness ‘Creating Super Habits’

Star Coach Show ‘The Confidence Habit’

Manage 2 Win ‘How Your Brain Actually Works’

The Entrepreneur MBA ‘How Business Owners Can Develop Resiliency, Team, and Leadership’

B.E.S.T Self Podcast ‘Life Changing and Immediate Impact Habit Mechanics’

Long Shot Leaders ‘How To Control Your Mind And Craft Habits For Success’

Legendary Leaders ‘How to Adopt the Habit Mechanic Mindset’

All Ears English ‘Supercharge Your Language Learning with Three Intelligence Factors’

Best Morning Routine, Ever! ‘How to Create Resilient People and Teams for Your Business’

In Joy Success ‘How Business Owners Can Develop Resiliency, Team, and Leadership’

Organised & Energized ‘How to be a Habit Mechanic and thrive in the post-COVID world’



I’m Dr. Jon Finn. I’ve worked in performance psychology within elite sport and for some of the biggest businesses in the world for over 20 years. It’s taught me that traditional approaches to being your best are ineffective! Here I explain why the only solution to developing Resilience, outstanding Leadership and creating World-Class Teams is becoming a ‘Habit Mechanic’. I’ll guide you to fulfil your potential by sharing practical skills and insights from world champions and cutting-edge science.