One-to-one Leadership Coaching

with Dr. Jon Finn

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Learn how to Improve Your Peoples’ and Team’s Happiness and Performance by Over 25% in 90 Days Using A NEW Science-Based 5-Step Framework

Presented by Dr. Jon Finn

Yes! I am ready to transform my peoples’ and team’s performance, be recognised as a world-class leader, and use a proven science-based approach.

But I understand that to apply to work with Dr. Finn I must have watched the above webinar and read/listened to Chapters 27 & 28 from his best-selling book ‘The Habit Mechanic

One-to-one ‘Chief Habit Mechanic’ Coaching programme includes:

i) 10 hours (6 x 90 minutes sessions) of One-to-One Leadership Coaching With Dr. Jon Finn

– 6 one-to-one sessions over 3 months

– Learn directly from Dr. Finn (the author of ‘The Habit Mechanic’ and Founder of Tougher Minds)

– You will learn from Dr. Finn’s 20+ years experience of helping 1,000s of leaders to be their best and develop outstanding teams and high-performance cultures

ii) Learning How To Use Tougher Minds Proprietary ‘Chief Habit Mechanic Metrics’ Assessment Tools

– Help yourself and your people identify Destructive Habits & Super Habits

– Join a small group of elite leaders Dr. Finn has personally trained to use these unique tools

iii) Learning How To Use 30+ Award-winning ‘Chief Habit Mechanic’ Habit Building Tools

– Help yourself and your people destroy Destructive Habits & build new Super Habits

– You and your people will make permanent, positive changes for improved happiness, performance and leadership

iv) Learning How To Use Tougher Minds Proprietary ‘Culture Development Reflection’ Tool

– Use cutting-edge insights from ‘Habit Science’ to analyse your culture and learn which factors you need to activate to unlock your people’s potential

– Build a ‘Purposeful Development Culture’ which empowers your people and teams to thrive

v) Get Copies Of ‘The Habit Mechanic’ Book And Premium Level Access To The ‘Habit Mechanic University’ App For Your People

– Instantly get your people using the ‘Habit Metrics’ Tools and Habit Mechanic Toolkit

– You and your people will quickly build new Super Habits

vi) Join An Exclusive Group Of ‘Certified Chief Habit Mechanic’ Leaders

– Be recognised as a leading leadership expert who uses cutting-edge techniques to help their people, teams and organisation thrive

– Stand out in a crowded marketplace by being able to actually make successful change management happen


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    Questions I help leaders answer

    • How do I consistently be my best?
    • How do I get better at managing change?
    • How do I create a culture that empowers everyone to be their best?
    • How do I create high-performing teams?
    • How do I help other people in my organisation to become outstanding leaders?

    Results (for you and your people)

    • You will feel better, be more confident in your leadership and start seeing the following…
    • Happier employees and teams who feel engaged and empowered
    • A more focused and productive workforce (you’ll learn how to save each employee over 5 hours per week)
    • Change management that delivers results and supercharges growth
    • A work culture that makes it easier to recruit the best people

    Dr. Finn has featured in:

    A range of Dr. Finn’s clients:

    More about Dr. Finn


    • He’s worked in the fields of resilience, performance, and leadership psychology for over 20 years.
    • He’s completed three degrees in these areas, including a PhD.
    • He’s spent over 25,000 hours developing and delivering training and coaching programs.
    • He regularly writes for Forbes, and wrote the best-selling leadership book ‘The Habit Mechanic’. The awarding-winning tools in this book have already helped over 10,000 people thrive.

    Clients and achievements

    • He’s coached 1000s of senior leaders who work in elite sport (including Premier League football managers), global businesses, high-growth start-ups and ambitious SMEs.
    • He’s pioneered the use of ‘Leadership Science’ which he first wrote about in ‘The Habit Mechanic’.
    • One of his proudest achievements was being part of the team (in a sport psychology capacity) that won the English League One football title by spending 50% less on player wages than their rivals. This set a record for the most league points gained with the smallest budget in UK professional soccer.

    “Dr. Finn’s approach to personal transformation leans on principles from neuroscience, behavioral science, and psychology. Elevate your Super Habits. Gain a sense of work-life balance. Become the leader your employees and brand need.”

    Entrepreneur magazine – 2022

    Feedback from leaders Dr. Finn has coached

    My one-to-one Leadership coaching develops leaders across four core ‘Team Power® Leadership’ areas:
    1. Role Model
    Leaders learn how their brain works, how to analyse their helpful and unhelpful leadership habits, and how to build more helpful habits for personal resilience, wellbeing, happiness and performance.
    2. Cultural Architect
    Leaders learn how to use cutting-edge insights from behavioural science to establish team purpose and vision (the mission), promote psychological safety, empower others to actively commit to the team’s mission, empower team members to actively commit to their roles and responsibilities within the vision, and design systems that help their people to be their best and keep improving.
    3. S.W.A.P.® Coach
    Leaders learn how to coach their people to analyse their own habits and build new helpful habits that allow them to be healthier, happier and at their best more often.
    4. Action Communicator
    Leaders learn how to communicate in a way that empowers their people to take positive action, and in a way that builds psychological safety, shares vulnerability and verbally reinforces the team’s shared future vision and priorities.


    Simple 3 Step Development Cycle

    I help leaders to build new habits by guiding them through our simple three-step coaching cycle:

    1. Learn (more about) how your brain works. Use our proprietary Team Power® Leadership self-knowledge tools to analyse your current leadership habits, and identify the unhelpful thinking and behaviours that are stopping you and your team thriving.

    2. Use Tougher Minds® award-winning insights to learn the knowledge and skills that will allow you to build your new resilience, performance and leadership habits so that you can empower your team to succeed.

    3. Build new helpful leadership habits, using our proprietary insights and tools. Including our S.W.A.P.® Cycle, T.R.A.I.T.® Habit model and 9 Action Factors system.

    one-to-one leadership coaching

    Our simple three-step coaching cycle.

    My one-to-one leadership coaching services for business include:

    • Executive coaching for leadership
    • Small business leadership coaching
    • Leadership coaching for professional sports coaches
    • Leadership life coaching
    • Leadership personal coaching

    Example leadership coaching session:

    • 90 minutes with Dr. Jon Finn via video (i.e. Zoom or Teams).
    • Step One – Analyse your own leadership habits (using our proprietary leadership self-knowledge tests) and reflect on your leadership strengthens and weaknesses.
    • Step Two – Understand what is stopping you and your people being your best – using insights from cutting-science.
    • Step Three – Create a simple and practical plan (using our proprietary behavioural science insights and 9 Action Factors model) to help you achieve your goals


    Five Stage Team Power® model

    My one-to-one Leadership Coaching shows leaders how to use our proprietary five stage Team Power® model.

    Climbing a mountain is a great metaphor to help leaders understand how to create a powerful, effective and well-functioning team. Based on my research and work, there are five stages that high-performing, successful teams must go through to reach the top and achieve their collective goals.

    Here is an overview of the five stages, starting from the bottom of the mountain:

    Stage 1Me Power® Conditioning: everyone deliberately choosing to work towards being at their best.

    Me Power Conditioning
    Stage 2Community Base Camp: creating big goals, a strategy and deciding your priorities.

    Leadership - community base camp
    Stage 3Group Climbing Support: creating daily habits that make achieving your collective goals easier.

    Leadership - Climbing Support
    Stage 4Campfire Discussion: coaching people and helping them to grow, improve and deliver results.

    Leadership - Campfire Discussions
    Stage 5Group Climbing Review: planning to collectively step-back, reflect and adjust priorities accordingly – helping the team achieve its goals.

    Leadership - Group Climbing Review

    high-performing teams

    Our our proprietary five stage Team Power® model.

    One-to-one leadership coaching feedback

    Phil Holmes (business owner & former pro rugby player).

    John Readman (Modo 25 Founder & CEO).

    Abi Liddle (Chief Operations Officer).

    Jonny Hewlett (Lead Officer, Global venture capital company).


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