Resilience Workshop

“They make complex science simple and practical so that our people, individually and collectively, can boost their well-being and performance.”

Managing Director of a global technology company

Do you want to empower your people to be at their best more often?

Book our new two hour workshop: ‘Boost Well-Being, Resilience and Productivity’. It shows proven, powerful techniques for improving your team’s health, happiness and performance.

Our award-winning training has been described as life changing. All programmes are bespoke for each client.

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This session will:

  1. Help people understand why we can waste time paying attention to unhelpful thoughts.
  2. Show why this reduces well-being levels.
  3. Show what happens in your brain during the ‘stress response’.
  4. Show a series of simple and practical skills to help people re-focus their attention, successfully manage the stress response and boost resilience.
  5. Help people to increase personal productivity by learning how to spend less time dwelling on unhelpful thoughts.

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