One-to-one coaching

Tougher Minds consultants can work with individual students either face-to-face or via remote methods. A range of simple and practical skills will be taught to help fulfil potential, address wellbeing issues and improve academic performance.

We are currently working with students both here in the UK and overseas.

“Tougher Minds empowers children to take charge of their own lives.” – Headteacher

“It breeds a culture where children want to think about their methods of learning and how they’re going to engage with their teachers and the subject matter and being ready and warmed up to learn.” – Parent of Year 8 pupils

“Without Tougher Minds, I don’t think I would have achieved the grades I did. I went from Bs and Cs in mocks to six A stars.” – Year 12 pupil

Teachers can qualify for a “Certificate in Tougher Minds One-to-One Coaching”