Education workshops

These are small to medium group sessions, which last 120-150 minutes. We recommend that approximately 7-10 people attend each session, but we can offer flexibility.

The same session can be repeated multiple times during the day to allow more people to attend. Content is bespoke for clients. Perfect for staff Inset and teacher development training days.

The following are examples of
Tougher Minds Workshops. In combination they are an example of the workshops in a typical programme.

Understand Resilience and Boost Motivation: The A.P.E. Brain H.A.C.®
Learn how the brain works, why life can be stressful, what it means to be resilient, plus simple and practical ways to boost motivation to help achieve long term goals. We use case studies from Henry Ford, JK Rowling, Warren Buffet, the Williams sisters and more to show you how to harness your Me Power®, and take the first step towards becoming your best.

How to Build Better Habits
Learn how habits work, and how to swap unhelpful habits for better ones. We show why it is essential to improve diet, exercise and sleep habits to make your brain work properly. Learn how to begin making small positive changes that will help you to be your best. We use insights from examples including tennis legend Novak Djokovic.
Boost Productivity and Creativity: Manage your energy levels by using your time efficiently and effectively
The A.P.E. Brain® and H.U.E.® make us procrastinate on tasks that don’t give immediate rewards. Then when we miss a deadline, or don’t do our best work, they tell us we are useless. Learn how to build better productivity habits from Charles Darwin and Sir Bradley Wiggins. We show how to use the Will Power StoryTM tool so you take more control of your life.
Reduce Stress and Build Confidence
Unhelpful levels of stress can be demotivating, and can stop you fulfilling your potential. This session shows what causes stress, how your body and brain respond, and how confidence can be used to manage stress. This session will also show simple and practical confidence management skills that will improve confidence levels, even in the most challenging areas of work and life. Learn how Olympic champion Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill took control of her confidence, and how you can use Tougher Minds’ K.O.S.Y.® and F.A.B.® confidence techniques to make life easier.
Transformational Leadership: Helping others to change and improve
Helping others to be their best can be one of the most rewarding parts of life. This session shows Transformational Leadership skills, and how to improve your leadership habits. You will learn about the six factors that help you and others to make sustainable change. We show leadership lessons from Sir Clive Woodward, Sir Alex Ferguson and others. Learn how to create Team Power®.