Families keynote

A 60 to 90 minute presentation to large groups, which presents our powerful performance and well-being insights in an accessible and easy to understand format. One key concept from our Bite-size Resilience programme is delivered in one keynote.

The same session can be repeated multiple times during the day to allow more people to attend. Content is bespoke for clients.

Sample Tougher Minds Keynote

The following are examples of
Bite-size Resilience keynote content:

An introduction to Resilience: A.P.E. Brain H.A.C.®
Use Will Power to beat the A.P.E. Brain® and H.U.E.®. Diet, exercise and sleep or D.E.S.®, will help boost daily Will Power levels. Learn about the brain, and how to build better D.E.S.® habits to make it easier to be healthy, happy and optimise performance.

Positive change, growth and innovation: The Mindset H.A.C.®
Abilities are not fixed, and personal potential is not limited. We can all improve. This session shows how learning changes the brain. It also shows how to use The Big FinishTM so every day ends well and learning and performance habits are consistently improved across your family to drive personal development and personal satisfaction.
Build Better Habits to be your Best
Most of what we do is a habit. So unhelpful thoughts, low confidence, distractions, worrying and giving up easily can cause major problems. This session shows how to change your unhelpful habits, by teaching what is happening inside the brain. We show how to build better habits for improved health, happiness and to be your best. We show the six key factors that drive change.
How to boost Motivation
To build better habits to beat the A.P.E.® and H.U.E.® you need motivation. That can be very difficult! This session shows how to achieve self-motivation and includes engaging case studies from Walt Disney, JK Rowling and other famous examples. We also show how to make improved motivation a helpful habit.
Successfully manage Stress and Confidence
Stress can be demotivating, and stop you fulfilling your potential. This session shows what causes stress, how the body and brain respond, and how confidence can be used to manage stress. Learn how even the most successful people can be self-critical – including film star Kate Winslet. Learn how to put life into perspective to manage stress and improve success with the Confidence ProfileTM.
Build and Maintain Confidence
Managing your confidence can be challenging. This session shows simple and practical confidence management skills that will improve confidence levels, even in challenging areas. Learn how Olympic champion Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill took control of her confidence. Learn how to use Tougher Minds K.O.S.Y.® and F.A.B.® confidence techniques to make life easier.
The Productivity booster
The A.P.E. Brain® and H.U.E.® make us procrastinate on tasks that don’t give immediate rewards. Then when we miss a deadline, or don’t do our best they tell us that we are useless. Learn how to build better productivity habits from Charles Darwin. We show how to use the Will Power StoryTM tool so you take more control of your life.
Control your concentration and focus
Concentrating effectively when you need to, and relaxing properly can be difficult because the A.P.E.® and H.U.E.® only do what they find immediately rewarding. To improve focus, and relaxation during downtime, we explain Activation®. Learn from the New Zealand All Blacks. Learn to use Tougher Minds’ Activation H.A.C. Plan® to achieve the right Activation Level for the right task. This makes it easier to focus and to relax when the time is right.
Learning how to Learn and develop new skills
Fulfilling personal potential takes thousands of hours of deliberate or focused practice. Unsurprisingly the A.P.E.® and H.U.E.® do not find this enjoyable or rewarding. We show how to learn and develop, what stops learning and how to improve learning. Using insights from Thomas Edison and Marie Curie and our Learning Strengths ProfileTM we will show how to help build better habits so everybody fulfils their potential.
Revising Efficiently and Effectively for Exams
Revising effectively is difficult, because good learning and good revision are not always the same. To improve exam preparation, we show how to revise to boost exam performance. Learn from the double Olympian Jonny Brownlee and also King George VI. Use our Revision Confidence BuilderTM to improve revision and exam performance.
High-performance under pressure
Optimising performance under the pressure of presentation or a challenging meeting can be difficult. We show how best to handle pressure so you perform to your potential in these situations. Learn from rugby star Jonny Wilkinson and tennis ace Serena Williams.
Transformational leadership
Helping others to be their best is essential for family success. This session shows the key components of Transformational Leadership, and how to improve leadership skills and habits. We show the six factors that help you and others to make sustainable change. We share leadership lessons from Sir Clive Woodward, Sir Alex Ferguson and famous examples.