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START by watching this workshop to learn how we help leaders thrive. It’ll help you improve your team’s performance by:

  • Using Leadership Science to improve your team’s performance in under five-minutes
  • Starting to building better Leadership habits in four simple steps
  • Quickly persuading your team to want to become Habit Mechanics, so everyone fulfils their potential
  • Spotting outdated and ineffective Leadership methods

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Hi, my name is Dr. Jon Finn (Tougher Minds Founder). I have three psychology-related degrees, including a PhD, and (along with my colleagues) have been developing our award-winning Leadership Training for over 20 years.

Here is what we have learned. If you want to develop outstanding leaders, the biggest problem you face is that most leadership training is outdated and ineffective in the challenging new hybrid workplace. Why? It’s NOT rooted in cutting-edge science about how leaders’ brains ACTUALLY work, or what ACTUALLY stops them from becoming outstanding leaders in the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world.

The solution? ‘Chief Habit Mechanic’ Leadership Training. This NEW, uniquely powerful approach draws on proven insights from cutting-edge neuroscience, behavioral science, leadership science, psychology, and world-class leaders. Your leaders will learn how to quickly develop better habits for resilience, performance, and leadership by using our award-winning “Habit Mechanic” and “Chief Habit Mechanic” tools, proven to change lives, and used by more than 10,000 people.

All the leadership training we create for our clients is bespoke. But all the core principles are in our best-selling book ‘The Habit Mechanic – Fine-Tune Your Brain and Supercharge How You Live, Work, and Lead’, so you can easily learn more about our unique approach to developing outstanding leaders.


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‘Chief Habit Mechanic’ Leadership Training:

  • Are bespoke for every client
  • Delivered by world-leading experts
  • Offer simple & practical Leadership skills based on in-depth insights
  • Help Leaders to build new Resilience habits for wellbeing & performance
  • Are high-impact, engaging, gamified & entertaining
  • Use insights based on the best science
  • Can be delivered to small, medium or large size groups
  • Can be delivered remotely via multiple platforms

Examples of the topics we cover in our Leadership Training:

  • How to use Leadership Science to be a better leader
  • How to build better wellbeing, performance and Leadership habits
  • How to a better Role Model
  • How to a better Action Communicator
  • How to a better one-to-one coach to develop your team
  • How to a better Cultural Architect
  • Leadership for the transition to Hybrid Work
  • How to create high-performing teams

Example Leadership Training workshop content 'Developing High-performing Leaders' presented by Dr Jon Finn.

Feedback from leaders we have trained

Phil Holmes (business owner & former pro rugby player).

John Readman (Modo 25 Founder & CEO).

Abi Liddle (Chief Operations Officer).

Jonny Hewlett (Lead Officer, Global venture capital company).

Example Leadership webinars, keynotes and workshops topics we cover for our clients.
Team Power Leadership: Build new leadership habits for success
We teach Leaders and managers:
- Our practical five stage model so they can develop a truly high-performing team
- How to use Leadership Science to be a better leader
- How to develop and improve their leadership skills
- The four core components of the Team Power Leadership model – based in cutting-edge leadership science
- How to analyse their ‘Role Model’ skills and develop new ones
- How to analyse their ‘S.W.A.P. Coach’ skills and develop new ones
- How to analyse their ‘Cultural Architect’ skills and develop new ones
- How to analyse their Action Communicator skills and develop new ones

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“My colleagues were not ready for the session to finish. Even two hours after lunch they were all in learning mode and were fascinated by the subject matter.”

Deputy Area Director of Sales, HSBC on our Leadership Training Workshops

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