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Why don’t traditional approaches to helping people thrive outdated and ineffective? Watch the workshop:

Watch the workshop to learn more about our Resilience training. You will learn:

  • Why traditional approaches to being your best are outdated and ineffective
  • How to quickly find the one new habit that will change your life
  • How to save at least 1 hour every day
  • How to use cutting-edge science to build better habits in three simple steps

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Feedback from people we have trained

Phil Holmes (business owner & former pro rugby player).

John Readman (Modo 25 Founder & CEO).

Abi Liddle (Chief Operations Officer).

Jonny Hewlett (Lead Officer, Global venture capital company).

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Listen to this podcast improve your mental resilience (by understanding your brain)

What is Mental Resilience and why is it important? Dr. Jon Finn

Take the Tougher Minds Foundation course for Resilience

Hi, my name is Dr Jon Finn. I have worked in the field of Resilience for over 20 years, have three degrees in this area and have trained over 10,000 people to be Resilient. Mental Resilience is the foundation of health, happiness and being our best. The good news is that we can all learn how to become more Resilient, and in this short course I will show you how. I’ve made the course FREELY available below, in full. It’s as simple as working through the series of short videos which you see when you scroll down.

I will quickly show you how your brain works, and how to begin building better health, happiness, performance & leadership habits. To do this I will use insights from cutting-edge science & our award-winning  training & coaching.

These science-based insights will give you a solid understanding of how to begin helping yourself and others develop Mental Resilience.

Start by watching the first video…

Part 1 – Welcome! Learn how your brain works.

Part 2 – The Lighthouse Brain.

Part 3 – Learn more about your A.P.E. Brain® & H.U.E.®.

Part 4 – Stop thinking!

Part 5 – Most thoughts are automatic.

Part 6 – Humans are designed to learn.

Part 7 – How being Resilient helps us to build better habits?

Part 8 – Using Behavioural Science to supercharge habit building.

Resilience Training, Coaching & Online Courses

Resilience Training Case Studies

“They make complex science simple and practical so that our people, individually and collectively, can boost their well-being and performance.”

– Managing Director of a global technology company, on Tougher Minds Resilience Training.

Here is a selection of case studies which showcases how our client base has benefitted from our resilience training and coachingIt is not always possible to include case studies from everyone we work with (including some of the larger, multi-national organisations). This is due to confidentiality and commercial sensitivities.

Find out more

“I took 4 of Tougher Minds sessions (Resilience & Motivation, Building Better Habits, Boost Productivity, Reduce Stress) and 1-on-1 session with Dr. Jon in the summer of 2019, and everything that I learned there is so helpful. All in all, Tougher Minds definitely helps me a lot not only to think and reflect internally, but also to act practically in the real life. Actually, my STRONG negativity bias had almost gone away, and now I enjoy my life with absolutely higher productivity and much clearer long-term goals. Now I’m looking forward to seeing myself in 10 years.”

– Tsuyoshi Sakano, CFA, Janus Henderson Investors U.S. – Equity Research Analyst

Feedback on our Resilience Training, Coaching & Online Courses

Resilience training and coaching overview

Our resilience training courses deliver a range of benefits for people and teams in businesses and organisations of all sizes. They are based on cutting-edge neuroscience, behavioural science and psychology. Delivery is by award-winning experts who have successfully worked in business, education and elite sport. 

Our resilience training, coaching & courses support people & teams to be healthy, happy & deliver world-class performance:

  • You will learn simple and practical real-world resilience skills
  • Our resilience training is high-impact, engaging, gamified & entertaining
  • We use insights based on the best brain and habit science
  • We deliver resilience training on multiple platforms (online & in-person)
  • Our resilience training services are  bespoke for every client

Our resilience training, coaching & courses deliver a range of benefits for people & teams:

  • Teams & people deliver world-class performance
  • Improve productivity
  • Improve creativity & innovation
  • Improve leadership
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve wellbeing
  • Improve sleep, diet & exercise


Tougher Minds ‘two-step’ Resilience training process

STEP 1: First people need to recognise when they think and do things that are unhelpful which make it harder to deliver world-class performance. Example: being too self-critical.

STEP 2: They then need to refocus attention onto thoughts and actions that are more helpful and make it easier to perform to their potential. Example: paying attention to thoughts that improve confidence and motivation.

As people become more resilient they become increasingly skilled at this two-step process. Resilience skills become a habit. Neuroscientists call this implicit emotional regulation.

In the modern world, new remote and hybrid working, social pressures, technology and new processes mean we face constant Volatility, Unpredictability, Complexity and Ambiguity (the V.U.C.A. world). Emotional stress in our personal and family lives exacerbates and compounds these challenges.

If we can not effectively manage this, our wellbeing, morale, productivity, creativity and performance suffer. That applies to everyone (families, workers, managers and leaders). The cost is not just personal. One U.K. government report estimated that workplace stress and burnout already cost up to £97 billion annually.

The foundation of human resilience is emotional control. To truly understand this, we need to understand our brains. Tougher Minds mental resilience training, coaching and courses deliver this understanding and help everyone build resilience for world-class performance and wellbeing.

“Life can be increasingly challenging and stressful for people. This can negatively impact both well-being and performance at an individual and organisational level. Dr Jon Finn and his team provide simple and practical training based on cutting-edge scientific insights. This has helped our people to better understand the challenges of modern life and made it easier for them to be their best at work and in life. This makes it easier for our business to achieve its goals and be successful. The feedback we receive about Tougher Minds training is fantastic. I can strongly recommend working with Dr Jon Finn and his team. Jon has delivered some brilliant workshops for our colleagues at Aon.”

– Alex Nicholson, Senior Learning & Leadership Development Partner, Aon


Download our BUSINESS BROCHURE to learn how brains work, and how our mental Resilience training can help your people, teams and organisation succeed and thrive.

  • Improved performance
  • Greater well-being
  • Enhanced resilience
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Improved Transformational Leadership development
  • Successful organisational change


Resilience Training, Coaching & Online Courses

Award-winning Mental Resilience training that helps people, teams & businesses fulfil their potential

Life-changing Resilience training:

  • Gives people simple & practical skills to gain at least 1 extra hour every day by spending less time Worrying, Dwelling, being Distracted & Beating Themselves Up
  • Based on cutting-edge neuroscience & behavioural science
  • Helped over 10,000 people improve Motivation, Stress Management, Confidence & Focus
  • Designed by Dr Jon Finn & colleagues for your specific needs

What is Resilience? Dr Jon Finn

Changing people’s lives through Resilience training