Resilience Training for Business

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“It’s a great mental and physical discipline to help you in your daily life, whether you’re a parent, a manager or an employee.”

CEO of a global IT company

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Example Resilience Workshops:

Understand Resilience and Boost Motivation: The A.P.E. Brain H.A.C.®
Learn how the brain works, why life can be stressful, what it means to be resilient, plus simple and practical ways to boost motivation to help achieve long term goals. We use case studies from Henry Ford, JK Rowling, Warren Buffet, the Williams sisters and more to show you how to harness your Me Power®, and take the first step towards becoming your best.
How to Build Better Habits
Learn how habits work, and how to swap unhelpful habits for better ones. We show why it is essential to improve diet, exercise and sleep habits to make your brain work properly. Learn how to begin making small positive changes that will help you to be your best. We use insights from examples including tennis legend Novak Djokovic.

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How to create resilient teams - the surprising truth
Engage your people and empower them to grow, develop and support each other to be their best. Improved performance; greater well-being; enhanced resilience; increased productivity; increased innovation; reduced stress; improved morale; improved employee retention; increase employee engagement; improved leadership development; better performance under pressure.

Bite-Size Resilience Skills™
Simple and practical skills to boost resilience, health and happiness - for teams and individuals. Learn techniques used by the world's top performers.

Elite Business Athlete
How the performance secrets from global sporting icons will transform you and your teams.