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Hi, my name is Dr Jon Finn. I have worked in the field of Resilience for over 20 years, have three degrees in this area and have trained over 10,000 people to be Resilient. Mental Resilience is the foundation of health, happiness and being our best. The good news is that we can all learn how to become more Resilient, and in this short course I will show you how.

I will quickly show you how your brain works and how to begin building better health, happiness, performance & leadership habits. To do this I will use insights from cutting-edge science & our award-winning  training & coaching.

These science-based insights will give you a solid understanding of how to begin developing Mental Resilience.

Start by watching the first video…

Part 1 – Welcome! Learn how your brain works.

Part 2 – The Lighthouse Brain.

Part 3 – Learn more about your A.P.E. Brain® & H.U.E.®.

Part 4 – Stop thinking!

Part 5 – Most thoughts are automatic.

Part 6 – Humans are designed to learn.

Part 7 – How being Resilient helps us to build better habits?

Part 8 – Using Behavioural Science to supercharge habit building.

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I’m Dr. Jon Finn. I’ve worked in performance psychology within elite sport and for some of the biggest businesses in the world for over 20 years. It’s taught me that traditional approaches to being your best are ineffective! Here I explain why the only solution to developing Resilience, outstanding Leadership and creating World-Class Teams is becoming a ‘Habit Mechanic’. I’ll guide you to fulfil your potential by sharing practical skills and insights from world champions and cutting-edge science.