Team Power programmes

Do you want to empower your teams to thrive in the challenging modern world?

Team Power is our uniquely powerful and best-in-class team training. It teaches your people to understand and use the science of leadership and team success to improve individual and team well-being and performance.

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To best understand Team Power, we use the metaphor of climbing a mountain to help us understand how to create a powerful, effective and well-functioning team that can thrive in the challenging modern world. Based on our research and work, there are five stages that high-performing, successful teams must go through to reach the top and achieve their collective goals. We have created our Team Power® programmes to make it easier for your teams to progress through the five stages, succeed and achieve organisational goals.

Team Power ® programmes are delivered in multiple channels:

  • Webinars and Keynotes
  • Remote and in person workshops
  • Bespoke online programmes
  • One-to-one coaching
  • Habit building physical resources e.g. Me Power Planner
  • Courses typically run over consecutive weeks to help people to secure new habits

Team Power ® results:

  • Increased cohesion and team spirit
  • Improved individual and collective performance
  • Greater individual and team well-being
  • Enhanced individual and team resilience
  • Increased individual and team productivity
  • More Transformational Leaders
  • Teams that consistently deliver results for the business

“During times of business challenge and economic stretch, Jon worked closely with our businesses to understand how he and his team could apply some simple but highly effective learning interventions to allow our people to challenge their way of life. The Tougher Minds sessions that we ran for our Financial Services division were gratefully received by all with visible outputs as soon as colleagues left the room. I would highly recommend Dr. Jon Finn and his team to anyone wishing to challenge work ethics, performance and wellbeing.”

Senior Learning & Leadership Development Partner, Mercedes-Benz

Here is an overview of the five core group sessions which develop Team Power:

Session 1: How to help your team thrive
The session will cover the following areas:
1. Understand why the A.P.E. Brain® can make 21st century life difficult.
2. Understand how to use Will Power to beat the A.P.E. Brain and build new habits.
3. Introduce the Team Power® model.
4. Analyse your Team’s ‘Team Power’ habits.
5. How to analyse helpful and unhelpful personal habits.

Session 2: Boost Motivation and Build Better Sleep, Diet & Exercise Habits
The session will cover the following areas:
1. Understand the importance of motivation for change.
2. Learn to structure goals to improve motivation.
3. Understand how to build new habits.
4. Understand the importance of sleep, diet and exercise for personal and team success.
5. Create a personal sleep, diet and exercise habit building plan.
Session 3: How to Manage Stress and Build Confidence
The session will cover the following areas:
1. Understand the neurobiological causes of stress.
2. Learn simple and practical stress management skills.
3. Understand the science of confidence.
4. Learn simple and practical confidence building skills.
5. Create a personal stress management or confidence building plan.
Session 4: How to improve Productivity and get more done in less time
The session will cover the following areas:
1. Show why the A.P.E. Brain® can make productivity challenging.
2. Introduce the three Brain States and show how to optimise them.
3. Show how to optimise downtime to re-charge your brain’s battery.
4. Show how to reduce distractions, and how to refocus attention when you do become distracted.
5. Create a personal productivity boosting plan.
Session 5: Learn how to be a Transformational Leader
The session will cover the following areas:
1. Introduction to the Transformational Leadership framework.
2. Show simple and practical Transformational Leadership skills.
3. Help people to analyse their helpful and unhelpful leadership habits using our proprietary self-knowledge tests.
4. Create a personal leadership improvement plan.
5. Review everyone's ‘Team Power’ habits and create an improvement plan.

“l got the most out of myself & my young squad. We won the League!”

Nigel Adkins, Professional Football Manager, on Tougher Minds Team Power programme.


Download our BUSINESS BROCHURE to learn how brains work, and how we can help your people, teams and organisation succeed and thrive.

  • Improved performance
  • Greater well-being
  • Enhanced resilience
  • Increased productivity
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Improved Transformational Leadership development
  • Successful organisational change