GCSE grades up at London school after introduction of Tougher Minds teaching methods

• Pupils showed average improvement of three-quarters of a grade per subject.
• This equates from moving from A to A*

A group of pupils at a London school are celebrating their successful GCSE results, which represented an improvement of almost 75 per cent above their mock exams.

The 19 pupils at Colfe’s School ,in the south-east of the capital, registered an average improvement of three-quarters of a grade per subject between January and June 2013.

This converts to pupils moving from A to A* and in this specific case only three out of the 19 did not receive either an A or an A*. The improved results come amid a widely recognised stiffening of standards by exam boards and a national backdrop of grade deflation.

The improvement is credited to a unique form of teaching developed by the Tougher Mindstraining company. The training uses the latest understanding of neuroscience and psychology to teach mental skills like concentration and confidence and how to apply these to learning.

The other 72 pupils in the year group who did not receive the training registered an improvement of just below two-thirds of a grade.

“We believe these results show that our approach to developing key mental attributes for learning such as concentration, motivation and confidence are highly effective “, said Jon Finn, Director of the Tougher Minds training programme.

“Our methods are practical and can be easily implemented. We are confident they will help all young people improve their academic performance and help them develop key mental skills for life”.

Finn added:”Tougher Minds training is rooted in performance psychology and based on the latest understanding of neuroscience and is therefore highly robust.

“We would like to send our congratulations to the young people who have achieved these great results”.

Andrew Foster, Head of Year 11 at Colfe’s School, commented, “We have introduced the Tougher Minds method for the last year to pupils who showed an interest in experiencing a new approach.

“The results in the classroom are already startling. Pupils aged only 15 or 16 are training themselves to work more purposefully. By focussing more intensively, they surprise themselves at how much more they can do. As a result, we have gained these outstanding results at both GCSE and A level.”

Tougher Minds training was also given to a group of A Level students at Colfe’s who performed above expectations, when their results were announced last week.
Tougher Minds has been developed by Performance psychology consultant Jon Finn and Leeds Metropolitan University Professor Jim McKenna, who specialises in behavioural change.

Colfe’s is a co-educational independent day school in Horn Park in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, in south-east London.

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