Why Traditional Coaching is Broken and How to Fix It (Using a New Science-Based Approach)

There’s no getting around it: we live in a challenging and constantly changing world. The distractions, pressures, and stresses we face—especially in the business world—are unprecedented. It’s harder than ever to feel well, be resilient, and perform to our potential.

That’s why so many business leaders are turning to executive coaches. They want help figuring out how to improve their own, their teams and their businesses performance (so they can beat the competition).
As a result of this demand, the field of executive coaching is rapidly expanding. Indeed, there are over 60,000 business coaching businesses in the United States alone, and that number is growing every year.
The Bad News: Traditional coaching is based on a flawed model! In the episode I explain why and what we can do differently to make it easier for people to consistently be their best.

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