Improve your sleep, diet and exercise

The importance of sleep, diet and exercise for maximising performance was recently highlighted in a national newspaper. The Daily Telegraph reported that the Headteacher of Highgate School in London is asking pupils to adopt a five point plan, aimed at improving mental and general health.

Removing smartphones, tablets, and computers from bedrooms and playing sport are among his proposals. The article also outlines his ideas about creating routines to maintain these activities.

Of course, via the Tougher Minds programme, we know the importance of sleep, diet and exercise and how they help optimise performance.

We use the Performance Planner to monitor and measure these habits. By recording and reflecting on our behaviour we can improve our habits. This technique is known as self-watching and it supercharges behaviour change.

 This week at the ‘GCSE Academic Performance’ launch event at Colfe’s School we introduced the Performance Planner to over 400 parents and pupils. The first task the planner asks users to complete is a reflection on their sleep, diet and exercise for the past 24 hours, before planning how to maximize their performance for the next 24 hours.

 If you want to begin changing your habits for the better why not download a Performance Planner

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