Tougher Minds Director presents at Wellington College

Jon Finn has visited the world-renowned Wellington College, where he outlined Tougher Minds’ successful approaches for exercising self-control, and how that underpins attributes such as resilience, motivation, concentration and confidence.

Jon gave a presentation to an audience of 1,200, which included Wellington’s entire staff and all its pupils. He also chaired one of the school’s wellbeing sessions for a group of 20. He was invited by the Master of Wellington, Dr Athony Seldon, following their meeting at a recent Department of Education round-table discussion, chaired by Secretary of State Nicky Morgan.

The visit generated excellent feedback from pupils. Their comments included: “I learned that I can control my brain.”; “I was able to improve my self-control straight away”; and “that was a really useful session”. Dr Seldon also commented that Finn’s talk had received extended praise from the Wellington community.

“It was a fascinating experience to visit Wellington College and share some of our Tougher Minds methods with the whole school”, commented Jon Finn.

“Wellington is known for its excellence in many spheres and it is clearly an educational institution that is seeking to create the best possible environment for optimising learning and developing well-rounded, successful individuals.”

Wellington College

Wellington College

Finn added: “My presentation gave an insight into how the Tougher Minds approach is based on the latest neuroscience and has been developed in schools, with young people, teachers and parents. I also discussed how it successfully develops self-control and hence attributes such as resilience, motivation, focused concentration and confidence.

“I know that Wellington pupils and staff will benefit from this insight, and I look forward to working with the school again in the future.”

Wellington College is regarded as one of the world’s leading coeducational day and boarding schools. It was founded in 1859 and was voted ‘Best Public School’ in Tattler’s 2014 Schools Guide.

Tougher Minds programmes for schools has been proven to improve grades, learning, concentration, class-room behaviour and extra-curricular activity. The Tougher Minds Personal Brain Management programme at Colfe’s School in London recently won Education Initiative of the Year, at the coveted 2014 Independent School Awards.

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