Improving performances with Leeds Business School

Tougher Minds has recently completed an extended training programme for the senior management team at Leeds University Business School.

The programme was delivered over a period of several weeks and was designed to help those involved develop improved habits and, as a consequence, improve personal productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

The Business School is among the UK’s most successful and well respected and ,as part of the three week programme, the Tougher Minds Personal Performance Planner was also used extensively. The Planner is a self-watching tool and allows users to monitor their own behaviour, in order to support positive changes and improvements with the use of simple and practical techniques.

Tougher Minds works with Leeds Business School.

Tougher Minds works with Leeds Business School.

“In order to successfully change behaviour, consistent and repeated interventions are needed so that people are triggered appropriately to achieve this.”, commented Tougher Minds Director Jon Finn – who delivered the programme.

“The team at Leeds Business School are already reporting increases in overall performance and improved personal productivity. We are also seeing improvements in interpersonal relationships.”

Finn added: “This has created a virtuous cycle within the organisation, as team members recognise the challenges they face in their roles and how they can overcome these.”

Dr. Nigel Lockett, Head of the Business School’s Management Division and Professor of Enterprise said he and his colleagues were delighted with the training and its outcomes.

“I feel the Tougher Minds programme has given us all an understanding of how we can take charge of ourselves and how this can be used to improve personal and collective performance”, he commented.

“It’s also helped us successfully reflect in order to develop the new habits that are required to support such improvements.”

Lockett added:“I can’t recall any other training which has asked us to think about ourselves and our performances in this way.”

The Leeds Business School Head of Second Year Management, Dr. Nick Jackson also commented: “The training has helped me to think through what I do on a daily basis and consider many of my routines and identify where I might waste my energies. The programme was very informative and very helpful.

“I also feel I can now roll this out to my students in order to help them become more efficient and effective.”

Dr. Richard Tunstall, the School’s Head of MsC Management, also added: “What was useful about the Tougher Minds training was the way it helped us make a sustained effort to improve our performances and productivity and work on this for a period of time.”

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This short video also gives a great overview of the training programme delivered to Leeds University Business School.

Tougher Minds works with Leeds University Business School senior management team. from Pre-Shot on Vimeo.

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