Award-winning teacher joins Tougher Minds

Experienced and award-winning teacher Andrew Foster has joined Tougher Minds to take up the newly created role, Head of Education.

Foster – who will also continue as Head of Performance and Learning at Colfe’s – has worked closely with Tougher Minds, during the last two years, throughout the consultancy’s successful delivery of training to pupils, teachers and parents at the Greenwich based school. He will continue to play a key role in the “Tougher Minds at Colfe’s” programme, as the school looks to further embed its principles into its learning culture.

In his role with Tougher Minds, Andrew Foster will work with new and existing client schools and organisations. He recently presented at an event organised by the Sutton Trust and Kings College, London, aimed at increasing access to Russell Group Universities for young people, from deprived communities. He also regularly works with Teach First on their Summer Institute programmes.

“We are delighted to welcome Andrew Foster to the Tougher Minds team. I have not seen or worked with a better teacher”, said Tougher Minds Director Jon Finn.

“His recruitment will strengthen and enhance our organisation, and enable us to improve our range of training and services.”

Finn added: “Andrew’s experience of teaching and of education in both the state and independent sector is invaluable and will help Tougher Minds refine and develop our already successful work.”
Andrew Foster, head of education.

Andrew Foster (pictured left) commented:”My work with Tougher Minds has radically changed my teaching, in terms of both theory and practice. I am absolutely delighted to be able to direct all my attention to helping more young people benefit from the knowledge, understanding and techniques that are so vital to their learning, performance, health and happiness.

“It is not enough to tell a child to concentrate, motivate themselves and be confident. Tougher Minds is unique in that it explicitly teaches young people how to do these things.”

Foster added:”I feel very fortunate to be part of the most exciting development in education today.”

As Head of History at Colfe’s, Andrew Foster led the department to the best examination results achieved in any subject area in the school, in any year. Appointed Head of GCSE, and then Academic Performance, he is the lead teacher on the Tougher Minds at Colfe’s programme, winning the 2014 Independent Schools Award for Education Initiative of the Year.

Andrew has participated in major education consultations at the invitation of the think-tank Demos and presented to the annual TeachFirst conference. He has worked as a teacher for 12 years and has taught in a range of schools, both maintained and independent, in the UK and in Australia.

Tougher Minds and Colfe's School win Education Initiative of the Year

Tougher Minds and Colfe’s School win Education Initiative of the Year

He was educated at Bradford Grammar School and Cambridge University. Andrew also contributes to national television, radio and newspapers on education issues.

Tougher Minds offers a range of training services to schools which use simple and practical methods to work successfully with pupils, teachers and parents.
Our education programmes have been proven to deliver whole school and community benefits.

They create a virtuous cycle of improved performance, health, happiness and positive behaviour change; and are suitable for all age ranges and abilities.

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