Innovative state school to benefit from Tougher Minds programmes.

A London state school, which encourages aspiration and achievement among pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds, has engaged Tougher Minds to enhance its successful teaching even further.

Quintin Kynaston (QK) in North London is to work with us and benefit from the resilience and character training programmes, which were voted Education Initiative of the Year.

Agreement has been reached for the 2015/16 school year, with the St John’s Wood based mixed comprehensive, which has 1,400 students in the 11-18 age groups, including a 350-strong sixth-form. Many QK pupils are from first generation immigrant families and from backgrounds which are traditionally underrepresented at elite Universities.

Tougher Minds programmes have been proven to deliver benefits for the whole school. These include enhanced motivation, improvements in morale and growth mindsets. Their work at QK will involve pupils, teachers and parents. It will be delivered initially to Year 7 pupils, which the school encourages to aim for Russell Group University places, at the start of their first term.

Tougher Minds Head of Education Andrew Foster will lead programme delivery at QK. He commented: “Quintin Kynaston is clearly a school that is really going places, with their fantastic new buildings, their dedicated and friendly staff and their dynamic leadership team.

“We are very excited to be invited to help support their pupils achieve even more, both inside the classroom and out. Their ethos of Aspiration, Resilience and Community is one that fits exceptionally well with the values of Tougher Minds.

“QK has already created an environment which successfully encourages learning and we feel our training will help develop the self-control and mental skills required for even greater success both academically and personally.

Foster continued: “We will be helping QK staff and pupils to understand the neuroscience of learning, concentration, motivation and confidence. We have been in the school observing lessons and meeting with both teachers and pupils. We are confident we can all work together to achieve something very special.”

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Quintin Kynaston Deputy Head Celeste Fay outlined her school’s reasons for choosing to work with Tougher Minds. She said: “Having attended the Resilient Minds conference [in March 2015], I was very impressed by not just how confidently the Colfe’s pupils spoke about their experience of the Tougher Minds programme, but also the insight they offered into how it had changed their learning habits.

“We want to support our pupils in developing their own habits of self-regulation, and I am looking forward to working with Andrew so QK pupils can benefit similarly.“

In January 2015, QK moved to new school buildings, which officially opened in April. The project also includes the creation of landscaped areas, sports facilities and a new Sixth Form Centre.

Strong evidence shows that Tougher Minds programmes dramatically improve all aspects of school work including learning, homework, concentration, behaviour, exam performance and extra curricular sport.

The Tougher Minds Personal Change Management (PCM) programme, which explicitly teaches self-control and resilience for improved academic and personal performance was voted 2014 Education initiative of the year at the Independent School Awards.

To learn more about Tougher Minds programmed for education and schools, click here.

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