Tougher Minds to contribute to wellbeing and resilience events

Last Thursday (March 10th) Tougher Minds successfully staged our Bite-Size Parent Training event in London at the UCL Institute of Education. It was attended by over one hundred parents and young people, who were shown a range of simple and practical techniques, which will help them meet the challenges created by their education and lives.

More of these sessions are planned in the future but this week Tougher Minds founder Dr. Jon Finn and Head of Education Andrew Foster are on the road and are among the speakers at two separate events which focus on the important issues of emotional wellbeing and empowerment for young people. Both take place this Friday (March 18th).

Dr. Jon Finn is presenting at the “Mental health and emotional wellbeing in young people Conference”, which is hosted at King Edward’s School in Bath. The conference – aimed at people with responsibility for pastoral development in schools – has been designed to highlight these two critical factors and Jon will make his presentation alongside of range of researchers and trainers in the fields of adolescent psychology and education. His contribution will focus on how emotional resilience and character can be better taught and developed in schools, and within families.

Andrew Foster is part of the speaking line-up at an event at the Royal Wootton Bassett Academy in Wiltshire, which is examining the development of means to empower young people to change the world. These include leadership, spiritual, moral, social, cultural and holistic approaches. He will use the Tougher Minds Personal Change Management model and give a presentation which focuses on explaining how we first must empower young people to change themselves, in order to empower them to make contributions to wider society.

Both Jon and Andrew are looking forward to their respective appearances and the opportunity to make these contributions and also to discuss Tougher Minds programmes with a broad range of people who might be interested and could benefit from them.

At time of writing, tickets for both events are still available. For more details on the Royal Wootton Bassett Academy event , click here.

For more details on the event at King Edward’s School in Bath, click here.

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