How important is sleep for your performance?

Out of ten (ten being optimal, zero being “I didn’t”) how well did you sleep last night? This is the first question that we ask our GCSE pupils to consider every day. The benefits of sleep are well documented.

Recently, Michael Mosley explicitly described some of the reasons why we need to sleep more.

Another powerful way to improve sleep is to self-watch.

This is the reason to rank your sleep out of ten every morning. Once you have a number, you need to ask yourself this question, “What can I do tonight to try and improve my sleep score by one mark, or even half a mark?” It is unlikely that your scores will change dramatically in the short term.

However, if you keep persisting you can wilfully build better sleeping habits for 2014 one small step at a time.

Set yourself a goal to monitor and positively impact your sleeping habits over the next fourteen days. Do not expect miracles, but if you keep persisting with sleep improvement interventions, your sleep patterns will improve.

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