How to plan revision during the holidays

A guest Blog by Andrew Foster (Head of GCSE Performance, Colfe’s School, London)

“I don’t want my whole holidays planned out. I want to have fun. I want to be spontaneous.”

Understandable sentiments, but missing the point. You can plan and be spontaneous.

It is now that many students begin to feel the pressure. The solution is to spread that pressure out. Anyone that has deflated a blow-up mattress knows that when it is rolled so the air is stored up in one spot, the pressure is intense. When it is allowed space to spread out, the exact same amount of air can be barely noticeable.

Colfe’s Year 11s have eighteen days to spend as they wish. My advice is to spread the revision as evenly across those eighteen days as possible. By all means set aside days where no revision will be done. If you deviate from the schedule, that’s fine – but make a note and make the work up as soon as possible.

The schedule doesn’t rule you, but it acts as a guide, helping you to make sure your long-term aims are not being ignored in favour of the short term.

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